So don’t get too solemn. Don’t just spend all your time gritting your teeth. Laugh out loud. Enjoy a kind of wild joy. Ah! Now I have time, to break free from what had stopped me before. Now I’ve time. This time. To realize my inter-being with all life.
— Joanna Macy

My name is Marya, but my clown-self is Miss Marmot.  Together we're embarking on a Very Scary Adventure to bring silly and powerful play to communities and kids-of-all-ages in the West Kootenays.

My first performance began behind my dad's easy chair,  after Sunday dinners with my grandparents.  It was an improvisational ballet recital to Pachelbel's Cannon.  Every week.  For years.  I am indebted to my patient and encouraging family for humouring me, because those early leaps and twirls became the first steps to a life-long love for theatre and performing arts.



Since then I have studied, facilitated and performed in traditional Western & contemporary drama, clown and physical theatre, Theatre of the Oppressed and more.  I have also been schooled in motherhood by own my generous and demanding teacher/babies.  They have given me a whole new perspective on the art of clown.

I am offering Miss Marmot's services to the community because I believe in play as a powerful, transformative healing gift both to adults and children.  It is in play that we learn how to be, and who we might want to be.  Play is where we can imagine a different world, and rehearse it into being. 



Marya Folinsbee

Theatre artist & Clown

in Sinixt Territory, Winlaw, BC

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