Host a super-fun and unique birthday for your little one!

I am excited to work with you to craft a party your children will love.  The party can incorporate some combination of song and dance, games, interactive play-making, clowning, puppetry, crafts, dress-up, and storytelling. 

All of my shows are created for an audience of all genders, and include original material as well as classic favourites from creators like Raffi, Kimya Dawson, Dr. Seuss & Charlotte Diamond. Potty humour is available, if you want it!  I personally love singing about farts, but I know it's not everyone's bag.

I do not use any corporate characters or storylines (Disney, for example).  I prefer to source from the magic and living world around us, and co-create with your kids from our own imaginations!  That being said, I do draw inspiration from some of the great children's characters out there, like Harry Potter, Pippi Longstocking, and Miss Frizzle.

Party themes available right now are:

Wild Wood Fairy Party

ages 3-8ish

Visit from a woodland fairy.  Together through storytelling & interactive imaginative play, we'll learn some fairy plant magic and make a tea with lovely local & ethically sourced herbs (everyone takes some home), play forest fairy games, & sing songs.

Mad Hatter Tea

ages 3-10ish

A party that could be as fun for grown-ups as for kids! Miss Marmot will come and host a silly, fancy tea, with party games, poetry recitals, and music-making.

Clown Time!

ages 3-6ish

Miss Marmot the Clown (who is very kind, not the scary-kind) sings and plays a set of silly songs, with audience participation. Then we'll play some games and enjoy a recital of Dr. Seuss' “The Birthday Book”, a story about the greatest birth-day ever, starring your child and their friends.

A Visit from Miss Marmot, the Nerd

ages 6-10ish

Miss Marmot is a secret nerd!  Inspired by the stories of the Magic School Bus and the incomparable Ms. Frizzle, Miss Marmot brings her traveling laboratory to your house for an afternoon of cool science experiments and games.

Miss Marmot's School of Magic

ages 6-10ish

Host a witch in your living room for some magic time!  With crafts, experiments and spells inspired by real-life magic and some of the great witches and wizards of literature, this is a party filled with wonder recalling the real-life power of the living world.  This was my FAVOURITE recess game when I was a kid.  And I offer it with all sincerity and respect to real and living traditions of magic and witchcraft.  Magic is all around us.