Clown's Cauldron

Let's be real: the clown is getting a lot of bad press lately.  Everybody and their mom is "afraid of clowns"!  But these sensational stories do a disservice to an art form, a social role, and an ancient, cross-cultural practice that weaves play with magic, self-exploration, and speaking truth to power.

Clowns, tricksters, jesters, fools... they are much older, wiser, and more complex than we think.  And there are clowns living in all of us - deep yearnings for childhood pleasure and play, challengers of authority, fearless, audacious weirdos, shadow selves who lurk around the edges of our consciousness and sneak out sometimes to poke holes in the social fabric.  It is these impulses that we explore in the Clown's Cauldron.  Through guided meditation, multi-disciplinary arts practice (like mask & mime), games, skits (in clown, we call it a "turn") and "homework" (homeplay?!), participants in a Clown's Cauldron can come to inhabit some wild dreams living deep within them.  Clowning builds resilience, spontaneity, authenticity and genius!  It opens up our creative centers and reconnects us to the innocent wisdom of our child-selves.  It can inform other artistic practices, parenting, work-life, and the everyday.  Clowns can dismantle crunchy old relationships and flip them on their heads!

I will be offering a Clown Cauldron periodically through the year as an adult introduction to clown as both a tool for healing & transformation, and an artistic practice.  There is an intention that these sessions will build a community of tricksters who may collaborate on performance and other projects as we learn to play together again!

Check the Events Calendar to see when and where the next Clown Cauldron will be, and contact me with any questions or interest you may have!