This world needs more play!  

Maybe you're looking for a storyteller or roaming character to enliven your event, a playshop to support safe-space in your preschool, an interactive theatre show or drama class for your students, or a super-fun birthday party.  Maybe you didn't even know you needed more clown in your life!  Whatever you're scheming, I have something to offer: 

Birthday and other Parties

Playshops for pre-school and elementary school groups

Festival and Event Entertainment

Clown's Cauldron: clown play for grown-ups

Healing Clown

Theatre projects & other inspirations


Imaginative play is the best way for children to learn about their world and themselves.  Play inspires compassion and empathy, helps us to expand our sense of possibility and opens our minds and hearts to new ways of being and doing.  It is how we rehearse for life, seeing what works, what feels good, and what might not be such a good plan.  Imagine what the culture might be like if all those People In Charge had more playtime!  

I offer meaningful, magical, empowered play to kids of all ages in the West Kootenays.  Through interactive performance and learning spaces we will co-create safe & fun opportunities to take risks, connect with our inner wise-fool, and engage with life-giving joy & self-discovery.

I am an actor, theatre facilitator, storyteller and clown.  I also sing & play in a clown-folk duo called "Huck & Marmot".  I offer versatile learning and entertainment options for parents, educators and event organizers, as well as for adults wanting to reconnect with their inner child.