Channeling Big Feelings in the Great Turning

It's not clowning, exactly, but gets at the same thing, in the end: release, pathos, Big Feelings.

The Work That Reconnects is a philosophy and process that helps us be in touch with all of the complexity at this tumultuous moment in time - what Joanna Macy calls "The Great Turning".  Inspired by eco-psychology, systems theory, grief work, and the present global condition, The Work that Reconnects seeks to support people in sharing deep and meaningful space to express, process, and hopefully, transform, the feelings and questions that accompany being alive in the world at this time in history.

I have facilitated 2-hour to 2-day long experiences of this Work for individuals and activist groups.  It is offered to support our gratitude, our grief, our "seeing with new eyes", and our going forth from a head- and heart-space big enough to hold all the contradictions we are faced with, as lovers-of-the-world, living at what sometimes feels like the-end-of-the-world.

We will use games, exercises and stories to explore our place in deep time and our power to live with intention in this fraught moment. This work/play can bring up big feelings! Grief, praise, numbness, awe, gratitude, deep sorrow, wonder, insignificance, ancestral memory, presence - it's all good.

I can work with you to craft a space suitable to your group's needs, desires & timeframe.
This workshop primarily uses material from "Coming Back to Life", by Joanna Macy.  I am grateful to her for being one of my most inspiring teachers.

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